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Low temperature filter needle felt (<150℃)

  • PE series needle felting
PE series needle felting

PE series needle felting

  • Gram weight:500g/m2
  • Temperature:100℃-130℃
PE needle felting Physical properties
Material: polyster fibre/ Polyester industry filament and cloth
Gram weight:   500g/m2
Thickness:   1.8mm
Radial tension:   >900N/5×20cm
Zonally tension:   >1200N/5×20cm
Ventilation Property: 12~18 m3 / m2.min
Post-processing way: Singeing、 Calendering
Chemical properties
Acid proof: Good
Alkali resistance: Medium
Wear resistance : Excellent
Hydrolysis performance: Medium
Temperature characteristic
Continuous operating temperature:(℃)   100(Dry)
Instantaneous operating temperature:(℃)130(Dry)
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