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Low temperature filter needle felt (<150℃)

  • PE water repellent and oil needle felting
PE water repellent and oil needle felting

PE water repellent and oil needle felting

  • Gram weight:500g/m2
  • Temperature:100℃-130℃
PE water repellent and oil needle felting Physical properties
Material: Polyester/polyester industry filament and cloth
Gram weight:   500g/m2
Thickness:   1.8mm
Radial tension:   >900N/5×20cm
Zonally tension:   >1200N/5×20cm
Ventilation Property:   12~18 m3 / m2.min
Touch water level(Water temperature 27℃ Relative humidity 20% ):Level A(Level 5、The superlative degree)
Post-processing way: Infusion 、 Singeing、 Calendering
Chemical properties
Acid proof: Good
Alkali resistance: Medium
Wear resistance : Excellent
Hydrolysis performance: Medium
Temperature characteristic
Continuous operating temperature:(℃)   100(Dry)
Instantaneous operating temperature:(℃)   130(Dry)
Matters need attention
After the needle felt is done with waterproof and anti-oil treatment, in order to maintain the integrity of the waterproof membrane, during the storage and transportation of the filter bag, it must be avoided that the surface of the filter bag is scratched with hard objects.
The melting temperature of the fluorine waterproofing agent is around 170 °C. Therefore, when using filter materials with treatment of waterproof and oil resistance by Fluorine waterproofing agent, operating temperature needs to be avoided to be above 170°C.
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