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The Reasons for the Breakage to Filter Bags Share

Filter bags are a very critical step in the entire filtration process. The quality of the product in use will directly affect the filtering effect of the equipment. If the quality of the filter bag is not high enough, the filtering effect will be seriously affected.

In the production process, there are many types of filter bag materials and complete specifications. The products can be targeted to meet the applications in various fields and play a very important role. In the practical application, the product can also be applied to suitable occasions.

Too high filtration air speed will directly cause the initial dust layer to break, so the dust will impact the filter bag, and the product will directly cause excessive wear. If the filter bag is sprayed too often at this time, it will easily cause the fabric of the filter bag to be loose.

The uneven distribution of the air intake of the dust removal filter will easily cause high dust content exhaust gas to directly impact the partial filter bag and perforate the filter bag at the exhaust gas inlet. This will cause the service life of the filter bag to be too short. The solution: An air distribution guide is installed at the air inlet of the duct collector.

In summary, there are three main reasons for the breakage to the filter bag:

1. The quality of filter bags 

The processing of filter bags is particularly important. In recent years, some small manufacturers use small sewing machines as processing equipment, and use inferior quality threads as raw materials in processing. After a short period of use, the dust removal filter bag will open, crack, and fall off. Although the filter bag size is slightly smaller and can also be used, but after adsorbing dust with a large specific gravity, the bag will drop after a period of use.

2. The using temperature of filter bags

The correct selection of the dust filter bag suitable for the corresponding dust temperature is the key to filter bag selection. If the temperature is too high, the selected filter bag will exceed the normal use temperature, the filter bag will shorten the service life, and it will burn in a short time. Therefore, when selecting a filter bag, make sure to measure and calculate the inlet temperature of the dust collector, and then select the corresponding dust filter bag.

3. The wind speed of filter bags

The high filtering wind speed of the filter is the main cause of damage to the filter bag. In recent years, some units have blindly reduced equipment costs and increased profits. When designing a bag filter, the filtering wind speed was increased, and there was no obvious response from the user in a short time, but the service life of the filter bag was greatly shortened.



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