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What It Means by Good Quality Filter Bags Share

Nowadays, people's environmental awareness is very strong, so the use of filter bags is very wide. Fox example, in the laboratory, computer room and other occasions, the use of filter bags can be seen. The filter bag can be used in air conditioners, so the filter bag plays a big role as long as there is an air-conditioner. The effect of using a filter bag is inseparable from its quality. How can we judge it?

The filter bag adopts the production method of industrial sewing, so it does not have the problem of silicone oil contamination during daily use. When the filter bag is used, there is no pinhole phenomenon leading to side leakage, and the manufacturing process is strictly managed. When using a liquid filter bag, it uses a stainless steel tin welding technique that minimizes the chance of side leakage. Because of using the techniques, it can increase the degree of its sealing, so that the error of the wet filter bag is very small and the degree of sealing becomes very high. The filter bag also has good filtration accuracy, and the filtered material used is also good, so that its quality is greatly improved.



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