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How to Make Anti-static Filter Bags Share

The single-sided and double-sided sides of the needle-punched felt are processed by calendering and ordinary singeing during the process of filter bags being calendered and singed. The filter bag can not only improve the dust removal performance of the filter material in the process of use, but also achieve the collection of tiny dust to a certain extent.

In the process of anti-static treatment of filter bags, some of their dust is in a specific concentration state. When the filter bag encounters sparks, it will burn and the friction will generate static electricity. Therefore, anti-static treatment of needle felts will be used for flammable and explosive dust.

The anti-static filter material is mainly mixed with conductive fibers in the fiber of the material during the manufacturing process, so that the entire filter material will have a certain conductivity. The filter cloth of the anti-static dust-removing cloth bag is made of anti-static polyester needle felt. It is based on ordinary polyester needle felts and has anti-static wires, which has excellent anti-static performance. It is used in flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust and other industries where there is a possibility of explosion in the event of electrostatic discharge, and it is ideal for current explosion-proof dust collection. In addition to the characteristics of good anti-static properties, good air permeability, moderate acid resistance and alkalinity, anti-static dust collecting bag has very good abrasion resistance. After the concentration of general industrial dust reaches a certain level (that is, the explosion limit), if it encounters static discharge sparks or external ignition and other factors, it can easily cause explosion and fire. In the field of bag dust removal, if the dust needs to be collected with cloth bags, it is required to make the anti-static dust-removing cloth bag filters with anti-static performance.



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