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The Structure of Needle Felt Dust Filter Materials Share

The structural problem of the needle felt dust filter material has always been one of the technical problems that the major dust filtration manufacturers are constantly researching and exploring. The general filter needle felt material is formed by adding a certain strong scrim between the upper and lower layers of the fiber which are punched and pressed. The followings are the structure of two kinds of needle felt dust filter materials in the forefront of the industry.

1. Microfiber surface layer, gradient structure filter material

This kind of filter material is now a high-end needle felt filter material. The fiber defined in the industry is less than 0.8 denier. At present, nano-scale filter fiber is being studied in the industry. If it succeeds, it will be a qualitative leap of the industry of international bag filtration. Use microfiber as the surface layer, longitudinal gradient structure, and PTFE emulsion impregnation treatment and the filter materials will have the function of quasi-surface filtration, which fundamentally improves the comprehensive performance index of the needle felt filter material and it is highly cost-effective. In addition, the gradient filter material is higher than the current ordinary filter material in terms of filtration precision and ash cleaning performance.

2. Membrane coated needle felt filter
The membrane coated needle felt filter is a high-end filter material with the function of surface filtration. It has excellent filtration performance, and can be used for material recovery in some special working conditions. However, it should be carefully considered in the environmental dust removal project. There are many microporous membranes on the PTFE membrane of the membrane coated filter. The air permeability is generally 2-3m3/m2·min, and the air volume per hour is low, which affects the industrial high-yield production.



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