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Standards for Liquid Filter Bags in the Food and Beverage Industry Share

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people also have higher and higher requirements for the quality of food production. Food manufacturers pay more and more attention to the cleanliness of food filter bags, fiber shedding, bacteria content in filter bags, and the speed of filtration. The standards for the production of food filter bags are as follows:

1. The cleanliness of liquid filter bags. When liquid filter bags are used in the food industry, they need to be produced in clean workshops that meet national food standards.

2. The bacteria content of food and beverage filter bags. Fabrics and filter bag products will be sterilized by ultraviolet rays when they are produced. The filter bags must comply with sanitary and pharmaceutical standards.

3. The filtration speed of food and beverage filter bags is mainly based on the amount of filtration required by customers. Multi-bag filters can be designed to increase the filtration pressure in order to increase the filtration speed and improve work efficiency.

4. The cloth of food filter bags must be made of long fibers. This fiber is different from short fibers or blended fibers. Long fibers have excellent pullability and better filtering effect. Even if the pressure and the impurity content are very high, there will be no capillary, which will not affect the quality of the product.

We make every effort to serve every food manufacturer and provide our customers with high-quality filtration products that best meet their needs.



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