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The Advantages of Film Coated Dust Collecting Bag in Use Share

1. Under normal circumstances, the filtration form of industrial dust collecting bag is deep filtration, and effective filtration is achieved by forming a dust layer on the surface of the dust collecting bag. The time from the start of filtration to the formation of effective filtration is relatively long, about 10% of the total filtration process time. The resistance is relatively large and the filtration efficiency is also low, and the interception is incomplete. The pressure during filtration and backflush is also relatively high. The cleaning is frequent. The energy consumption is high. The working life is not long, and the equipment covers a large area. Using dust collecting bag made of film filter material, dust can not enter the bag, close to the surface filtration, whether it is coarse or fine dust. Almost all of the dust is retained on the surface of the filter material. There is no initial filtration period, and it is directly effective filtration.

2. Long working life. No matter what kind of cleaning mechanism is adopted, the membrane filter material can exert superior performance, and is a filter material that completely plays the role of the designed function of the dust collector, so the cost is low. The membrane filter material is a soft but strong structure, with sufficient mechanical strength and excellent deashing property, which reduces dusting strength. Under low and stable pressure loss, it can be used for a long time and the life of the filter bag can be prolonged.

3. Low pressure and high flux continuous operation. The traditional deep-filtered filter material, once put into use, the dust penetrates and a dust layer is established. As a result, the gas permeability rapidly decreases. When filtering, the internal accumulated dust causes blockage, which increases the resistance of the dust removal equipment. The membrane filter material has a fine pore size and a lower viscosity, so that the dust penetration rate is close to zero. When the filtrate deposited on the surface of the membrane filter material reaches a certain thickness, it will automatically fall off, easy to clean, and it keeps the filter pressure always at a very low level. The air flow is always at a high level and can work continuously.

4. Easy to clean. The membrane filter can be cleaned in just a few seconds, with a short time and excellent cleaning properties. Each time the ash cleaning can remove the dust layer, and the filter material will not cause clogging inside or change the porosity and density.



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