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Manufacturing Process of Filter Bags Share

Making and sewing the bag mouth of the filter bag: The bag mouth is generally a parallelogram. First, sew it into a cylinder shape. When inserting the elastic ring and the concave groove assembly, pay attention to the neatness of its edges to ensure that the width of the groove does not narrow when the concave groove is stripped, and at the same time, there is a circle extending along the circumferential direction as close as possible to the elastic ring and the edge of the concave groove component. The bag mouth and the bag body are not allowed to skew when sewing. Generally, the space between three stitches should be even and beautiful. The material of the sewing thread and the filter bag must be the same or higher than that of the filter bag.

Sewing the bag body of the filter bag: The bag body is sewn with a three-needle, six-thread machine. The stitches should be straight and free of floating lines, jumpers, and drops. Outside stitching is 2 to 3 mm away from the edge, and the seam is prone to twist when sewing a long filter bag. During the sewing process, the upper and lower pieces of the bag are synchronized to avoid twisting of the filter bag.

Making and sewing the bottom of the filter bag: The bottom of the bag is generally sewn with a reinforcement layer, and its height is generally 60 to 100 mm. First sew the reinforcement layer into a cylinder shape, then sew to the outside of the bottom, stagger the seam stitches with the seam stitches of the bag body of the filter bag, and use single or double needles to sew 1 to 2 times in the circumferential direction, when sewing the bottom of the bag, if a single stitch is used, the spacing of the stitches is controlled to 4 to 5mm, and the outer stitches should be 4 to 5mm away from the edge.



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