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Medium temperature filter needle felt (150℃-180℃)

  • Acrylic series needle felting
Acrylic series needle felting

Acrylic series needle felting

  • Gram weight:500g/m2
  • Temperature:140℃-160℃

Acrylic series needle felting

Physical properties

Material: Acrylic/acrylic base cloth
Gram weight:   500g/m2
Thickness:   2.0mm
Radial tension:    >900N/5×20cm
Zonally tension:   >1200N/5×20cm
Ventilation Property:   12~18 m3 / m2.min
Post-processing way: Singeing、Calendering
Chemical properties
Acid proof: Excellent
Alkali resistance:  Medium
Wear resistance :Excellent
Hydrolysis performance:  Good
Temperature characteristic
Continuous operating temperature:(℃)   140(Dry)
Instantaneous operating temperature:(℃)160(Dry)
【Matters need attention】
Acrylonitrile polymer are not hydrolysis, so in low temperature and chemical corrosion and wet places used to replace polyester. And acrylonitrile is not resistance to hydrolysis of copolymer, so in filtering application can't use it to replace all polymer.

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