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Company profile

Company profile

Shanghai Nasavel Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the R&D, production and sales of filter bag products. Now we have become a professional enterprise and a backbone enterprise of environmental protection industry in China that manufactures needle felting, woven cloth, filter bags, filter bag cages and ancillary products. We produce hundreds of non-woven and woven needle felting, filter bags and accessory products in the three series of normal temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. In the varieties and the application of new technologies,...


Our service advantage

Production Capacity We have three large production bases with a modern production plant of 80,000 square meters, an annual production capacity of 10 million square meters, a number of production lines, and high daily production capacity to ensure timely and flexible delivery. Technical Team We have a group of professional technical staffs, supplemented by advanced processing technology, rigorous production process control, scientific experimen...



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