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Common Methods for Removing Dust from Cloth Bag Filters Share

Cloth bag filters are also called cloth dust collectors. The dust removal methods can be divided into two types: one is the online dust removal, and the other is the offline dust removal. Each of the two cleaning methods has advantages and disadvantages. The choice of online or offline cleaning depends on the specific conditions of the cloth bag filter.
The online cleaning method refers to the normal operation of the cloth bag filter when the dust removal device is blowing, and the filter bag is also in normal operation. The dust gas is inhaled and filtered. Relatively speaking, in the field of dust collectors, this method of cleaning is a very mature technology. Many types of dust removal devices use this method for dust removal, and the impact on the entire machine during dust removal is minimal, but it has very large disadvantages. That is, the effect of cleaning the dust is not very good. When cleaning, the cleaning is not particularly clean, which does not meet our requirements. Another way of cleaning the dust collector is offline cleaning, which is to divide the inside of the dust removal device into many smaller filter rooms, each of which is an independent operating system, and does not affect each other. If one of the filter rooms is stopped, the others will still work normally. The advantage of this is that the dust is cleaned thoroughly, and the efficiency of cleaning is very high, which greatly prolongs the cleaning cycle and increases the working life of the machine. However, its shortcomings are also very obvious, that is, the cost of this kind of dust cleaning device is very high, and it has a certain impact on the entire system when cleaning.
When choosing and using a cloth bag filter, we must choose which cleaning method to use according to the actual situation, and then make a purchase. Our cloth dust collectors can be designed and cleaned according to the specific requirements of customers at the time of production. Welcome customers from home and abroad to buy our products.



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