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Characteristics and Applications of Three-proof Needle Punched Filter Bags Share

Three-proof needle punched filter bags are dust collecting cloth filter bags with three protection effects of "water-proof, oil-proof, and anti-static". They are added with water-proof and oil-proof functions based on anti-static needle-punched felts, and also the chemical fiber of the needle felt is added with conductive fiber or stainless steel conductive materials. The surface of the three-proof dust collecting cloth filter bag is smooth, easy to clean, and the running resistance is reduced. The air dust in the operation of the dust collector contains more moisture, oil, and hygroscopic and easily soluble dust, causing the surface of the dust to be difficult to clean. The three-proof needle felt has a combination of advantages of both water-proof and anti-static needle felts. Compared with ordinary filter bags, the surface of the filter bag is not saturated with water and oil after its being contacted, avoiding the phenomenon of bagging, not only having the characteristics of water and oil resistance, but also having the effect of anti-static, suitable for occasions where there is large moisture content, such as pulverized coal injection in blast furnaces of iron and steel plants, cement plants, coal transportation systems of power plants, etc.
Characteristics of three-proof needle punched filter bags:
1. High strength and low elongation industrial yarn is used as the scrim, so that the strength is greatly improved.
2. Using fine denier fiber, the pore size is reduced, the porosity is high, and the filtration accuracy is high.
3. Using superior polyester fiber, the acid and alkali resistance and hydrolysis resistance are enhanced.
4. The surface treatment is smoother, and it has the surface filtering effect as that of film coated needle punched filter bags.
5. Low running resistance, saving energy.
Applications of three-proof needle punched filter bags:
After the density of common industrial dust reaches a certain level (that is, the explosion limit), if it encounters the discharge sparks of static or external ignition and other factors, it can easily cause explosion and fire. For example, flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc. may explode in case of electrostatic discharge. In the field of bag dust collector, if these dusts need to be collected with cloth filter bags, it is required that the filter material used to make the cloth filter bags has anti-static properties. This is also suitable for occasions with a relatively large moisture content. According to the requirements of special working conditions, the filter bag needs not only water-proof and anti-static, but also oil-proof. Our company produces high-quality three-proof dust collecting filter bags with higher dust removal efficiency, which is completely suitable for the applications to such kind of industrial and mining conditions.



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