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High temperature filter needle felt (160℃-300℃)

  • PTFE needle felting
PTFE needle felting

PTFE needle felting

  • Gram weight:750g/m2
  • Temperature:240℃-260℃

PTFE needle felting

Physical properties

Material: PTFE/PTFE base fabric

Gram weight:   750g/m2

Thickness:   1.2mm

Radial tension: >700N/5×20cm

Zonally tension: >700N/5×20cm

Ventilation Property:   8~12 m3 / m2.min

Post-processing way: PTFE infusions, Heat Styling,  Singeing, Calendering

Chemical properties

Acid proof: Excellent

Alkali resistance:  Excellent

Wear resistance : Excellent

Oxidation resistance: Excellent

Hydrolysis performance: Excellent

Temperature characteristic

Continuous operating temperature:(℃)   240(Dry)

Instantaneous operating temperature:(℃)  260(Dry)

Matters need attention

Due to the low friction coefficient PTFE fiber, so the ability to hold together after productions is poorer, PTFE acupuncture to cause felt out dust the pressure the demand is higher, need to be in design, use in the process of strengthening control.

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