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Filter Bag Cages

  • Filter Bag Cages
  • Filter Bag Cages
  • Filter Bag Cages
Filter Bag CagesFilter Bag CagesFilter Bag Cages

Filter Bag Cages

According to the size and working conditions provided by the customer, customized dust-collecting filter bag cages are light, convenient, easy to install and maintain, smooth and prevent damage to the bag.The use of the dust-collecting filter bag cages not only improves the filtration performance, but also effectively prolongs the service life of the filter bag.

Materials of filter bag cages:
1. Galvanized steel
2. Stainless steel 304, 316, etc.
3. Carbon steel with silicone coating, Q235, etc.

Specifications required:

1. Filter bag cage materials and size
2. The Number of vertical steel wires (ribs)
3. Spacing of horizontal steel rings
4. Diameter of steel wires

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