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How to choose bag filters for the cement factory Share

Dust-laden gas emitted from cement plants has normal temperature, high-temperature, high-humidity, high-concentration, dust with flammability and explosion characteristics, as well as a wide range of temperature fluctuations. It is necessary to prevent the paste bags and prevent the burning of bags. Therefore, these conditions are not unique when choosing bag filters for dust removal. Different filter materials should be selected for different conditions and corresponding technical protection measures should be taken. In the existing cement plants, most of them use bag filters. The selection and use of the filter material used in the dust bag filters is the core technology of the bag filters, and it plays an important role in the performance of the filter and the dust removal effect.

In cement plants, cement mills and raw material mills produce very high concentrations of dust. In order to meet industry emission standards, two-stage dust removal mechanisms are usually adopted, ie a combination of pre-dust removal equipment and bag filters. The dust at the outlet of the grinder is often maintained at a high concentration above 60g/Nm, and the pressure on the bag filter is very large, so in the normal use of bag filters, more attention should be paid to reduce the tension of the bag filters and meanwhile, to increase the frequency of bag dust collector pulse cleaning. For cement raw mill outlet dust, we must pay special attention to controlling the moisture of raw materials. If the moisture is too large, it will easily cause condensation of the bag filters. According to the actual situation, it is recommended that the customer increase the hot blast stove in this case to increase the temperature of the dust gas and avoid the condensation of water vapor.



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