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How to choose the material of the bag filter Share

The selection of the filter bag material of the dust collector will directly affect the dust removal effect. In general, the filter bag is selected from the following aspects: the humidity, temperature, chemical properties of the gas, the particle size of the dust in the gas, the dust concentration of the gas and the methods of cleaning the dust, etc. Through the comparison of these aspects, the final choice of suitable bag filters will be made.

1.bag filters of Normal temperature: breathable layer, DV air filter, polyester needle punch felt filter bag, 729 polyester woven cloth filter bag, anti-static polyester needle punch felt filter bag, polypropylene needle punch felt filter bag, easy cleaning polyester needle felt filter bag, 208 polyester woven cloth filter bag, polyester film acupuncture felt filter bag, water-repellent and oil-proof polyester needle punch felt filter bag.

2.Bag filters of high-temperature: glass fiber woven cloth filter bag, PPS acid and alkali resistant acupuncture felt filter bag, glass fiber bulked yarn filter bag, Flumets filter bag, Meitas needle punch felt filter bag, glass fiber needle felt filter bag, P84 needle felt filter bag.

208 filter cloth: high dust removal efficiency, good ventilation performance, resistance to certain strength of acid, good alkali and heat resistance. Thanks to the polygonal brushing, the thickness of the fabric is increased and it is elastic. Dust removal efficiency is up to 99.9%.

Glass fiber woven cloth: smooth surface, the dust can be easily peeled off, can be used at a high temperature of 280℃ for a long time, strong corrosion resistance, and the dust removal efficiency is also high. However, the wear resistance and folding resistance are poor, so they do not work well under strong wind speeds. Generally, it is applied in power plants, cement, iron making and ceramic industry.

729 filter cloth: acid and alkali resistance, long service life, good air permeability, small elongation, good dust collection effect, dust removal and convenient, dust removal effect up to 98.99%.



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