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Features and Applications of the Water Treatment Filter Bag Share

Features of the water treatment filter bag:

It has loose fibrous structure and super-strong gas permeability. It directly retains and adsorbs small particles, which can effectively capture tiny solid and colloidal particles, and is not easy to be blocked. The high-strength fiber filaments are criss-crossed to avoid breakage due to increased fluid pressure during filtration. The surface of the felt cloth is treated with high-temperature, singeing and calendering, which prevents the contamination of the filtrate due to the detachment of the fiber, and also avoids the excessive clogging of the filter hole done by the conventional rolling treatment to affect the flow rate and the working life. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, low cost and large volume of dirt. It can be cleaned, but it can not fully reach the performance of the new product after being washed. The number of reuse can be selected according to the actual situation, but cleaning is generally not recommended.

Adaptations of the water treatment filter bag:

1. Electronics industry: water filtration, pre-treatment of process water, tape coating agent, air pre-filtration;
2. Food and beverage industry: juice, mineral water, milk, beer, wine-making, vinegar, edible oil;
3. Chemical industry: latex, resin dyes, lubricating oil, oils, varnishes, petroleum, phosphate coating agent, chemicals, hot solvents, etc.;
4. Bio-pharmaceutical industry: filtration of traditional Chinese medicine, filtration of medical water, washing water, biological and fermented high mucus, cosmetics, etc.;
5. Environmental protection: industrial and domestic water, textile and paper-making waste water, metal cutting fluid, detergent filtration;
6. Auto industry: coating, coating agent and paint filtration.



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