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Filtration Process and Chemical Compatibility of Liquid Filter Bags Share

After the singeing treatment of the filtrate surface of the liquid filter bag, the fiber can be prevented from escaping from the contaminated filtrate, and the filter can be prevented from being excessively blocked by the conventional rolling treatment to shorten the life of the filter bag. Not having been bleached and dyed, the raw material is white, and it meets environmental protection standards. Due to the three-dimensional filtration layer of the needle felt, when the liquid flows through the liquid filter bag, the particles will stay on the inner wall surface and deep layer of the liquid filter bag owing to the deep filtration mechanism. Solid or colloidal particles have higher collecting efficiency.

The uniform thickness and stable opening ratio and strength of the needle felt make the efficiency of the liquid filter bag stable and the operation time relatively long. The five-wire double needle is a relatively tight sewing process designed to achieve filtration standards for each liquid filter bag. It is widely used, suitable for liquid filtration in various industries.

There are many types of liquid filter bags made of different materials, and different filtrates have different physical and chemical properties. The filter material must be compatible with the liquid during the filtration process, and it must not react chemically. The filter material must also face the same pressure and temperature change as the filtrate. The filter material should maintain its fixed structure, and the pore size does not change. No softening, breaking or releasing ingredients in order to provide a stable, uniform filtration quality.

In general, a filtrate having a relatively high polarity such as an acid-base salt is filtered, choose PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyester) filter material. A filtrate having a relatively low polarity such as a solvent is filtered, PE (Polyester) or NY (nylon Nylon) can be selected.



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