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Protective Measures for the Dust Collecting Bags Share

The safety of the bag filter is closely related to the operating conditions of the boiler. The abnormal damage or even failure of the dust collecting bag is mainly due to the abnormal operation of the boiler. The operation of the dust collector is not timely, such as the air pre-heater jam to cause the smoke to be abnormally high temperature to burn the bag; the economizer squib to cause the abnormal humidity of the flue gas. In addition, when the air leakage of the air preheater is severe, the oxygen content in the flue gas rises sharply, which aggravates the oxidation of the bag, thereby accelerating the damage of the dust collecting bag.

The protection measures for dust collecting bag include:

1. The bag filter that is put into operation for the first time must be pre-coated to have a protective layer of powder on the outer surface of the bag. The ash cleaning should be stopped before the boiler is shut down, so that the outer surface of the bag is protected by a layer of powder to prevent the filter bag from being damaged due to the acid condensation of the flue gas remaining in the dust collector at low temperatures after the boiler is shut down. And When ordering the furnace again, make sure that there is a protective layer outside the filter bag.

2. The boiler operation should avoid abnormal conditions as much as possible. Once abnormal conditions occur, it should be promptly fed back to the operating system of the dust collector for counter measures and adjustment. In the case of conditions, the dust removal system is preferably considered to be provided with a bypass flue and an emergency blowing and cooling device. A temperature measuring and oxygen content monitoring device is generally arranged on the inlet flue of the dust collector, and an alarm device is arranged in the control system.

3. In the course of operation, the cleaning system should be adjusted in time according to the soot load. If there is an abnormal increase in dust concentration or an abnormal decrease in system resistance, it should be considered whether there is any damage to the filter bag. Once it is confirmed that the filter bag is damaged, it should be replaced or the hole of the plate should be blocked in time.



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